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First post!!! – We did some work today, so I’m talking about it

I just thought I’d put up a real post, so we’d have something here.

Micha and I just finished up an afternoon of work at B&N.  He has been working on getting Soul Shepherds ready for Ouya release and cleaning up a lot of the bad code and trash left in there from our working too quickly before.  You know, doing that last 10% of game development that is so frustrating to complete (because there’s just so little payoff).  I, on the other hand, was working on the more fun part of putting together a rough prototype for another game we’re trying to get together (hopefully before football season starts).  I believe I reached the point today where the group has to make decisions and start actually “designing” the game, but at least we know it’s doable and have a good base to start with.  I actually tried to follow good practices and kept things organized, so that should help a lot.  Games that have regular “ticks” make that much easier, I’ve discovered.  Hopefully we won’t have to refactor this one much at all to build on it.


And now I’m off to do my “real” work.

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